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Make the money mantra strategy clarification.

Taken from our poker forum. 1 > There is no doubt aggression in Orange M in a poker tournament is necessary. Mathematically and instinctively it is the way to play for maximum profit. The pros have been saying this all along, so there is not much revelation in this. The other night I shoved A4 from early position in orange M and Method told me immediately that he would have folded the hand.


I have a very wide range in orange M, and if I am the first one in the pot, you would never be able to put me on a specific hand > THAT is what you really want. Many of my videos since the MZone series was produced show all kinds of examples of me taking big risks in orange M and / or NTM.


2 > The MZone video that deals with this is targeted to beginners who have never had any success. Thus, the MAKE THE MONEY mantra in there still has value to such players. A) They find how easy it is to experience some success. B) They see many other skilled players in REAL action. C) Once ITM they still have the ability to go further. D) They get so much more valuable experience and playing time for their money. To me these are great learning tools and bankroll building practices for a new player. Now of course the video doesn't say to fold strong hands NTM, and I do clarify that this is probably NOT the best mathematical approach to a solid ROI in tournaments.


I would also add here David that the BR video and the Make The Money comment in particular received a LOT of positive, I mean really positive feedback from my subscribers because when they changed their thinking to my advice it frequently and quickly resulted in the first taste of success they ever had in online poker. They learned some real basic, but vital strategies for survival first, and then later on here, and subsequent productions of mine they learned more about turning up the aggression when they had the BR to do it.


The premise was essentially survival first, then we can talk about ROI. This was directly opposite to what ALL the pros were saying which was so entirely irrelevant to struggling new players. That "pro" advice could easily kill a poker career in it's infancy. The same could be said of following COOPs strategy out of the gate too. The swings are enormous, and even as great as COOP is/was his BR came crashing down to earth where for months, he was back playing $1-$4 MTTs. We never did get the full story on that but swings and BR management had to be an issue. He kind of stopped contributing around that time as well.


The MZone series is a few years old now, but I feel there is some real value in those videos for anyone who has never signed up yet. Poker tournament strategy however is always changing - online poker especially. Since the MZone series was produced an entire new thinking has evolved regarding turbo structures, MTTSTTs, DeepStacks, Rebuys, RUSH, MEs... etc etc.. I think I do my best to keep up with this kind of thinking and have held my own ROI-wise even playing as low a volume as I do now. That's another reason to stay on the list even after the video series ends because I alway look for new content and strategies to offer players who need it.




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