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The PROS and CONS of Decision Making in Online Poker Tournaments.

Poker tournaments are tough to win. Let's face it, the relentless bad beats and big fields you have to ge tthrough in order to pull together a win once in a while can be an extremely tough grind. That does wear down the psyche of the best of players at times.


However one thing that can keep your sanity over the long haul is the ability to keep making good decisions. I say this because your opponents who happen to advance in any one given tournament after bad-beating you, invariably have losing records. If you don't beleive me, check their records the next time someone cracks your aces with K8os for example.


The question is, are you consistently good at making decisions in poker? It's important to be honest with yourself in this regard too, because if you don't review your hands - especially those borderline plays - then you may be fooling yourself into thinking that YOU are the one not making any mistakes. The replayer in Tourunament Indicator is an excellent tool to use for reviewing plays or even entire tournaments and when you do, you might find yourself quite a bit more analytical about your own play.


In this video I discuss the PROS and CONS scale for really getting into examining your hands. Even though it is a simple tchnique, I guarantee that once you do it a few times you WILL be alarmed at how wrong you were in some hands. And that may also apply to hands that you did not play, when in fact you probably should have.

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