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You won`t be alone because there are over 15,000 subscribers to these videos already and a support forum for more questions.

Easy to follow.

You won`t be buried with technical jargon the pros use. Each video adds the what was covered in the past, with real hands discussed.

Know the numbers game.

Online poker is predominantly about math, but the good part of that story is that the math is easy. You'll larn fast easy tips knowing the numbers game.

Don't be bullied anymore!

You'll learn to deal with those ultra aggressive wankers that seem to be at every table making you just a little "uncomfortable".

For low limit players.

You don`t need a huge bankroll to get started. In fact, that is the wrong way to start playing poker tournaments online. The low limits are much easier to win.

Easier decisions.

No need to be a pro to make the right choices in tournaments. These videos show a simple way to make the right choice every time.

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